Hey I'm Lalaa

It’s fair to say that I’ve always been a well-read head, but in 2018 I challenge myself to read 100 books and donate 100 books to my favourite charity Books for Africa. Here’s the full story.

That put me back on the journey to read as many books as possible. For this reason, I often get asked for book recommendations and nothing gives me more pleasure than introducing people to new reads.

It’s funny, looking back I can draw my path through books. Does anyone remember reading “The Coldest Winter Ever’ by Sister Souljah or “The Bluest Eye” by Toni Morrison? I still remember the feeling I received from those books.

I will always love reading the stories of people who look like me and this love followed me in my adulthood. No matter the situation there’s a book I can point to and a story I can lean on.

Our stories and voices are important and my goal is to continue reading them and sharing them.

Lalaa Comrie
Founder of ‘This Black Girl Reads’