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The Skin We’re In battles the myth that Canada is more inclusive, welcoming, celebratory of diversity than the US.

On May 25, 2020, George Floyd, a 46-year-old Black man, died in Minneapolis, Minnesota after Derek Chauvin, a white police officer, knelt on Floyd’s neck for almost nine minutes while Floyd was handcuffed face down in the street. Two other officers further restrained Floyd and a fourth officer prevented onlookers from intervening. During the final three minutes, Floyd was motionless and had no pulse yet the coward officers made no attempt to revive him, and Chauvin’s knee remained on Floyd’s neck even as emergency medical technicians attempted to treat him. George Floyd died.

And for years so many POC have faced the same fate.

This incident prompted a worldwide cry out for Black lives. Cities all across the US, Canada, and the UK have protested that enough is enough. This outcry is something that we, as Black people, have been feeling in our spirits for decades. For as long as I can remember I’ve felt deep down inside that my Black life was in danger.

 But disproportionate violence against Black people is not the problem:
it is a symptom of the white supremacist that guides
all Canadian institutions. 

In Canada, we like to think that these sorts of issues do not exist for us. For years I’ve been hearing that Canada is a land of the free and that we celebrate our multiculturalism.

And for years I’ve argued, showed stats and begged people to wake up because Canada is arguably jus as bad or even worse than our neighbours.

But I digress. This month’s book is ‘The Skin We’re In’ by Desmond Cole. There’s no other way than I can describe this book than DAMN what an incredible read.

In the book, columnist turn activist, Desmond Cole attempts to highlight a year of Black resistance, and Anti-Black racism that took place across the country.

With everything occurring across the world this book is a view of the same issues taking place on Canadian soil. I cannot wait to discuss this with all my well-read sistahs.

Happy Reading!

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