Review: Your Next Level Life by Karen Arrington

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To help black women claim their power, redefine their destiny and defy expectations.”

Rating 3.8 stars

This book was not at all on my radar but turned out to be exactly what I needed.

Your Next Level Life by Karen Arrington is a short, quick read that packs a light punch.

Karen Arrington is a beautiful Black woman, a fierce, successful businesswoman, and the perfect woman to share her voice.

I must say though I might be biased because I have a thing for hearing and reading books written by Black women, but trust me this was was well worth it. There’s something so magical to me about hearing their stories and listening to how they’ve shaped the life they desire, and Arrington does just that.

I think the book itself was a nice reminder of staying focused on your dreams, and although this book was clearly written with Black women in mind, “To help black women claim their power, redefine their destiny and defy expectations.” I think it is a powerful book for any woman who wants to reach further and get to that next level. 

Arrington shares her rules and advice on how to expand your horizons and identify your superpowers. I received a ton of gems and call to actions for myself, that I was able to insert into my life.

One of the things that I loved most about the book is that she pays homage to other Black women, she pays homage to the gains we’ve made as a group, but she’s so clear that there’s so much work left to be done. Many times society has us believe that we’ve already come so far, as though that is as far as we’ll go but it’s an important reminder to illustrate that we have so much further to go, and that there are no limits.

It’s important in our journey to define what the next level is, what the next level looks like. This part of the book spoke to me because so often we are trying and working to obtain something that we haven’t quite defined yet. 

My main takeaway was clarifying my superpower and defining the next level. 

Overall I think this was a solid book for anyone looking for guidance and inspiration along their journey of self-discovery and purpose.

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