'This Black Girl Reads'

is a book club for women of colour.

This Black Girl Reads is an online/offline community made up of women of colour who connect through literature. Our aim is to amplify the works of people of colour but also use them to understand the world and ourselves better.

We bring readers, authors and sceptics together to discuss and analyze through our monthly in person meetups, our monthly digital meetups, book discussions, contests and signature events. We believe that our stories bind us, keep us grounded and give us the lens through which we see the world. Our stories matter. And the goal is to continue sharing them and introducing them to others.

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Copywriter & Book Blogger
Lalaa is a Canadian book blogger and avid reader who loves to read good Black books and drink lots of great coffee. You can usually find me posted up in the Community and Culture section of Chapters, or trying to squeeze in one more chapter. You can find me on Twitter @lalaawrites
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