Ever wonder what new books are on the horizon?
Ever want to know if a book is worth the read?
Ever want t know which books you should read to diversify your bookshelf? 

Well, I GOT YOU!

Getting Lit is a podcast dedicated to monthly book reviews and recommendations for diverse reads coming out for the month. 

In this podcast, we’ll discuss all the books you should be reading, and I’ll help you diversify your bookshelf. In addition, I’ll have guest hosts and interviews with authors, book bloggers, and people from the lit world. 

Remember if you’re reading what everyone else is reading then you’ll probably think the way everyone else is thinking. 

My aim to highlight the voices that have been suppressed and hopefully diversify your bookshelf which will also help diversify our approaches. Hopefully bringing the gap and breaking some of the barriers that exist.

You can listen here:
New Episodes are published on the First Tuesday of every month! 

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