Spy in the Struggle by Aya de León

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Rating ★★★

This was my first book by Aya de Leon and I must say it was well worth the read. I was initially attracted to the story for two reasons, one the cover is gorgeous, and secondly, I was totally on board for the whole Black woman undercover storyline. I must say that I had no regrets after reading this one. 

I really loved Yolonda, the main character and I appreciated the glimpses of her past that were peppered throughout the narrative I think that was a great touch to assist in understanding her more as a person. Yolonda, who is very much an overachiever graduated from Harvard Law and lands a job and a corporate firm. After refusing to shed some compromising paperwork the firm gets indicted. Threw a strange turn of events she gets recruited by the FBI and goes undercover to spy on an African American “extremist” group. As she begins her work and job she struggles between her past, her new friends, and her identity as a lawyer. The combination and character development all kept me reading.


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